WCEU 2019 – Berlin

Opening session

WordCamp Europe 2019 in Berlin confirmed that the feeling I had after my first WordCamp Europe in Belgrade last year wasn’t a fluke – I haven’t been to a more inspiring, caring, inclusive, and thoughtful conference. Or a better conference. I am sure there are others that are great, but there is something about WCEU and I don’t think it is completely due to my rose-colored European vacation glasses.

The venues are well selected. The food has been great. The talks are excellent, and keep getting better!


In addition to the excellent talks I was able to attend, the 80s themed after party that rocked, and contributor day, the biggest takeaway from the event for me were the existing relationships I was able to build on and the new relations that were started. I especially had a good time getting to know a few of the folks at the marketing table during contributor day.

These relationships are what make open source communities so great. They provide support, inspiration, opportunities to collaborate, and accountability.

Tina Turner rocking during the after party. Okay, not really, but still a great show.

I am looking forward to attending WCEU 2020 in Porto next year.

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